About Two Girls Many Hats

"Two Girls Many Hats" is a home and office organizing and packing service working with clients in the New York City area. With hard work, we will handle all your needs during your move. From sorting and packing to unpacking and organizing and everything in between, we will be the liaison between you and your moving company.

Aside from getting all of your worldly possessions organized and packed up, we will also take care of all the necessary paper work that goes along with it. From change of address, utility disconnections and hook-ups to handling all of the necessary paper work for C.O.I.'s (Certificate of Insurance) that is needed for most buildings in New York City.

Whether you only need our services for certain parts of your move or you'd like us to assist you with every step, either way you'll be in good hands with "Two Girls Many Hats". So go ahead and click that button, you don't have the time not to!

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My Story:

Ever since I could remember, I've wanted to own my own business. I remember walking into the bank with my mother when I was 5 years old and making out deposit slips to myself. I've always been a leader and an independent worker. My mother said I had that look in my eye since the day I was born.

The idea of "Two Girls Many Hats" was conceived from the reality of the roles I play in my everyday life. I am a daughter, mother, wife, sister, aunt and friend. I am active in my community and volunteer my time wherever it is needed. I am the Chairperson of the Recreation Committee and also sit on the board of directors in my summer community. I indeed wear many hats!

I decided to leave the workforce to focus on raising my four beautiful children. From PTA meetings to carpooling, the role of being a mother occupied most of my time, but I never gave up the dream of one day opening my own business. For the past ten years, I've been working as a personal assistant for several clients in Manhattan.

I enjoy meeting new people and working directly with clients to help simplify, organize and manage the chaos of everyday life. The hard work, efficiency and personal touch that I give to every project has helped me to build a stellar reputation.

It's all about timing and the time has finally come to take this journey. As I turn my dream of becoming a business owner into a reality, "Two Girls Many Hats" is ready to take on the world (and all your packing and organizational needs too)!