Packing And Unpacking

You've found a new place to live, you've hired a moving company and now all you have to do is pack up your entire life! No problem, we've got you covered. Organization and forethought make for easier packing and unpacking.

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More About Move Packing

Proper packing is one of the most important aspects of a move. Here are some guidelines "Two Girls Many Hats" use for successful packing and unpacking.

  1. Start early… The more time you give yourself to organize and pack the less likely you'll be in a panic right before the moving truck pulls up.
  2. Assess Your Belongings… Chances are you have gotten comfortable living with a whole bunch of things that you don't need, want or like anymore. Go through those things now and make a clean start instead of packing up items you no longer use. We can arrange to have different Charity Organizations come pick up your unwanted items. Remember your trash could be someone else's treasure.
  3. Gather the Supplies Required… Arm yourself with the right tools and materials to ensure your packing goes smooth. We can use your boxes and supplies or schedule to have everything you will need sent to your home or office. Packing supplies needed: boxes in assorted sizes, packing paper, bubble wrap, labels, permanent markers for labeling boxes, packing tape, box cutter, scissors, basic tool kit for disassembling furniture, assorted sealable plastic bags for small loose items or liquids.
  4. Organize and Prioritize… We will pack items that you are not currently using, first. Out of season clothing, holiday decorations, spare linens, books, old files, etc. Packing one room at a time and avoiding mixing things from different rooms in the same box makes unpacking easy and less time consuming.
  5. Label Boxes… When packing boxes it is good to know what is in every single box. We number each box and create an inventory list. On the day of the move we will have our list and check off each box that arrives. If a box should be missing we know what box it is and what the contents were. Also by keeping a list, you won't have to go through 20 boxes that say "living room" to find the remote control.