Planning Your Move

Moving can be a very daunting experience. Don't let the details of a big move overwhelm you. Knowing when to get things done and in what order will ease your mind and take that stress away. Let us point you in the right direction.

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More About Move Planning

Moving can be a very stressful and emotional experience. Some people only move once or twice in their entire lifetimes. The homes we move from are often the same homes that we grew up in or raised our children in. With all the emotions that are involved in moving, we often get confused or don't know where to start with this extremely daunting task. Below is a two month guide line that will help you stay on task with your move. Remember to breath, and take things one day at a time. You will get through this, and "Two Girls Many Hats" will be with you, helping every step of the way.

Two Months Before

  • Start sorting through your belongings. Good rule of thumb is if you don't love it or use it, you should let it go. Start with your closets, dressers and kitchen cabinets.
  • Almost any item can be donated and most donations are tax deductible. You're packing lighter and helping someone else at the same time. We can coordinate with different agencies to have your unwanted items donated or put on consignment.

Four to Six Weeks Before

  • We will contact the Post Office for a Change of Address form. We can also do this online.
  • You pick the date you want the Post Office to begin forwarding your mail to your new address.
  • We will make sure to let the following individuals know about your change of address through post cards or emails:
    • Friends and family
    • Credit card companies
    • Memberships and subscriptions
    • Doctors and Dentists
    • Bank and insurance companies
    • Utilities and phone companies
    • Cable or Satellite Company
    • Voter Registration
    • Department of Motor Vehicles
  • * We will notify all the different utility companies to let them know your stop and start date for your disconnections and hook ups.

Two to Four Weeks Before

  • We will start researching different storage facilities in your new neighborhood in case you may need their services. We can locate and negotiate the best prices for you.
  • Ordering packing supplies and packing should begin. We can use your packing supplies or have supplies sent to your house, it's your choice.

The Final Days

  • All the packing should be finalized.
  • Arrange payment for movers and have cash on hand for tips.
  • We will give the moving company directions to your new location, confirm delivery date and time and give them our cell phone number (and yours) in case they need to get in touch with someone during the delivery.
  • We will meet them at your new location to make sure that everything arrived based on our master inventory list and that boxes are put in specific locations.
  • Pack your "first night" box that will have everything you will need to get you through the first day without unpacking boxes on your first night. Remember your toiletries, medications, grooming supplies, change of clothes, etc.

Day of the Move

  • We will look around in all rooms and closets to make sure that nothing is left behind
  • lock all windows and shut all lights
  • You will take a look around and congratulate yourself for getting it all done!

Now on to bigger and better things!